I Love My Job!

Geffen Rothe
Geffen Rothe
My motto in business, and at home: Do-It-Yourself is so overrated. This comes from my own experience of being a solo-preneur often feeling isolated in my professional growth and business life. Frankly, it’s much more fun and productive to partner with another motivated professional on projects, concepts, growth and re-organization.

Discovering How To Be Deeply Satisfied

My Training and Experience
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapist & Instructor, and a Master’s in Psychology – focused on pain relief: I have 26-years of helping people get out of pain, physically and emotionally.
  • Certified Coach and Mentor since 2007: I’ve helped solo-preneurs from around the globe survive their service-based business growth.
  • Co-founded a biotech start-up company: I have a passion for creating business culture and organizational systems from the ground up.
  • As a solo-preneur I personally benefit from professional coaching, and I understand coaching methodology from a client’s point of view.
  • Over 2-decades of combining conversational hypnosis with organization and strategic processes to elicit client’s long-lasting, sustainable changes.

How Conversational Hypnosis Works
  • Inspired by J. Grinder and R. Bandler’s neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP), combined with Dr. Milton Erickson’s masterful story-telling style, intelligent turns of phrase and rich dialogues are the main tools used in a conversational hypnosis session.
  • Utilizing an ordinary conversation style, I help direct your unconscious mind toward the specific outcomes you desire. The result: old patterns of sabotage or overwhelm get overwritten and, your unconscious mind becomes a mechanism of attraction and actualization for you.
  • My unique style is to speak in a deeply relaxing tone, pose challenging and stimulating inquiries, and establish measurable objectives that can be tracked and celebrated.
  • Clients are totally aware of what is said during the session and clearly remember what transpired. No trance induction, no bells and whistles.

My Personal Passion and Philosophy
  • I love to sing, and seeing live-performances in theatrical arts bring me tremendous joy. I’m known to clap and giggle out loud out of sheer delight. Yes, like a child!
  • My passion is being of service with people who are deeply motivated to experience the absolute best in life, love, health and happiness.
  • I go to the gym 4-days a week, for a powerful 20-minute exercise method that my friend invented. I love being physically fit!
  • I have a deep commitment to a joyful, dynamic life in partnership with my husband. I love contributing to our community and sharing my gifts generously.

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DIY (Do-it-Yourself) is so overrated!

Feeling isolated, stuck, overwhelmed?

Why DIY when you can have a partnership focused on your success?

Article: Is Coaching For You?