Time management, financial concerns, energy levels, and issues around self-worth or personal achievement – we all face challenges in our life. My 7-Principles are guidelines for addressing the challenges and exciting matters in the life of a solopreneur.

Several years ago, I embarked on a personal dream – writing my own book. I’m years into the writing process, and it will be a while before I get it all done. Instead of waiting for it to be “done-done” (we’ll visit the concept of “done-done” in a separate blog post), I’m excited to self-publish the premise of my book: 7-Principles of a Deeply Satisfied Helping Professional, right here, right now, on my own blog. Hooray for courage!

In this blog post, I introduce the 7-Principles. Each principle highlights a major topic point we covered in the January workshop “Giving Your Best and Charging What You’re Worth”. In a series of blog posts to follow, we will dive into each of the 7-Principles of a Deeply Satisfied Helping Professional in more detail.

Let’s get started! 

7-Principles of a Deeply Satisfied Helping Professional

These 7-Principles are the guidelines I use for my own life and business as a solopreneur. I organized the 7-Principles into a logical format as a way to help my clients and colleagues deal with challenging (and exciting) issues in the world of a solopreneur.

We all face difficult moments or inquiries in our life as Helping Professionals including time management, financial concerns, energy levels, and issues around self-worth or personal achievement.

This is by no means the end-all-be-all answer to everything under the stars. Still, I find that these 7-Principles cover a lot of ground. Let’s have a look, and at the end of this blog, I look forward to hearing how these principles land for you in your life. The 7-Principles can be mapped along the 7 energy centers of the human body, historically referred to as the Chakras. Though I am not a practitioner or expert on the Chakras, I find this mapping very convenient for organizing a mind-body approach to life and business. From the crown down:

Principle 7: Grace-fullness.

The Principle 7 concept for solopreneurs: “I am a business owner.”

                  In the region of the top of the head and above, often referred to as the Crown.

Refer to Principle 7, Grace-fullness for:

  • Connecting with an inner and/or outer sense of Grace;
  • Receiving or emitting information from “above or beyond” the physical body;
  • Access power and inspiration beyond the limitations of the body;
  • Spiritual connection;
  • Being connected to something greater than the body and/or mind;
  • Finding, or connecting with, our Purpose.


Principle 6: Guidance

The Principle 6 concept for solopreneurs: “Guidance is the way to overcome isolation.”

                  In the area of the eyes all the way around to the back of the head (“third eye”)

Refer to Principle 6, Guidance for:

  • Getting clear vision of your personal and/or professional mission and purpose;
  • Support from others who have come before us, like mentors, guides, advisers, other Helping Professionals;
  • Feeling connected to more than just our individual self, preventing isolation or making decisions in a vacuum;
  • Hindsight and insight to guide decisions, actions or adjustments.


Principle 5: Integrity

The Principle 5 concept for solopreneurs: “Saying Yes to life, with no apology,” (part 1)

                  In the area of the ears, mouth, throat and neck

Refer to Principle 5, Integrity for:

  • Speaking about what you do, what makes you unique, wholeheartedly;
  • Connecting your mind and your heart – the bridge between the two is the mouth;
  • Clearly stating what works for you and what does not;
  • Helping others know how to speak about you as a professional, as a unique individual, as a contributing force in life.


Principle 4: Liveliness

The Principle 4 concept for solopreneurs: “Saying Yes to life, with no apology,” (part 2)

In the area of the heart, chest, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands

Refer to Principle 4, Liveliness for:

  • Identifying if you are on track with work you love;
  • Eliminating “hating” stuff pertaining to our business and life;
  • Accessing and connecting with heartfelt emotions as a way to keep our livelihood lively and honestly being a living being.


Principle 3: Courage

The Principle 3 concept for solopreneurs: “Charging what I’m worth, and, issues pertaining to relationship with money”.

                  In the area of the belly, above and around the navel, the “solar plexus”, mid back, all major organs of digestion and metabolism

Refer to Principle 3, Courage for:

  • Connecting with a “gut sense” when we are seeking an answer to difficult or important concerns;
  • Shining our “spotlight” brightly to overcome nervousness or fear;
  • Generating a stable center to maintain a firm stance when dealing with conflict;
  • Identifying a clearly written set of policies and procedures for our business.


Principle 2: Fluidity

The Principle 2 concept for solopreneurs: Knowing the Phase of  your business development, growth, and exit strategies.

     In the area of the pelvis, below the navel, lower back and hips, reproductive system

Refer to Principle 2, Fluidity for:

  • Identifying personal and professional boundaries;
  • Knowing how and when being negotiable in our business truly serves our personal and professional empowerment;
  • Getting creative insights and inspiration for self and others;
  • Being in our power and allowing the tears to fall when they need to, for sadness and/or joy.


Principle 1: Celebration

The Principle 1 concept for solopreneurs: Raving Fans!

In the area of the base of the spine, legs, and feet

Refer to Principle 1, Celebration for:

  • Identifying markers to celebrating our own successes in business and life – building momentum with joy;
  • Appreciating others in my life;
  • Attracting people who appreciate and support us in our endeavors;
  • Making business as much fun as the imaginative life of a child! Celebrate everything!


Let me know how these 7-Principles sound to you. I’m thrilled to be developing my book with input from my peers, colleagues, clients and community. How exciting!

Stay tuned to the next series of detailed blog posts on each of the 7-Principles, focusing on matters specific to solo-preneurs.

With much love and celebration,