With New Year’s resolutions announced and underway, does it feel like your goals have gone wild? After starting off the year full of ambition, commitment and drive, are you already finding yourself stressed out, managing ever-growing to-do lists and an overcommitted schedule? Can you imagine yourself feeling satisfied and fulfilled, starting right now? 

Most of us are familiar with setting goals. However, traditional goal setting typically distills our complex human desires down to the pursuit of an end result. If the result is ‘complete’ we may feel satisfied, and if it is ‘not complete’ we feel perpetually dissatisfied. Traditional goal setting puts our sense of self-worth and accomplishment in the hands of external circumstances. This is not a formula for success.

Now envision a much more effective approach to goals and success. I’m excited to introduce my new system for goals and achievement called Intentional Goal Setting, or IGS for short. Intentional Goal Setting invites you to place most of your focus on who you are being, not how much or what you are getting. The IGS approach starts when you name your intention TO BE the person you deeply aspire to be. With your intention guiding your every thought and action, you then track the tangible, measurable experiences you have as a result of being who you want to be. As you train your attention on who you want to be now, you position yourself for fulfillment and satisfaction, right now, in the present. Intentional Goal Setting takes what was once the empty promise of New Year’s resolutions and turns them into the profound and long-lasting process for success and satisfaction you’ve been wanting all along.

February Workshop

If the sense of never getting “enough” done runs you ragged, if you’re overwhelmed by perpetual to-do lists, it’s time to tame your goals from going any wilder. Join me in my Goals Gone Wild workshop to learn a new way to set enjoyable, realistic and achievable goals that feel satisfying while you pursue them.

In this four-hour workshop you will learn to:

  • Identify and claim your true heart’s desire at the core of any goal you name
  • Stop running out of steam – learn the most effective and realistic time frame to achieve realistic results
  • Tune your unconscious mind to track and guide exactly where you are headed
  • See progress in multiple areas of life while simultaneously preventing overwhelm
  • Recognize your early success signals to guarantee your ongoing momentum
  • Celebrate in a way that redefines how your self-talk can recharge your sense of success
  • Learn how to celebrate without sabotaging yourself

Date:  Sunday February 15

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Location: Private home in San Francisco, Richmond District, 94121


The cost of this workshop is $75, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. See the options for specific scholarship requests and a special price for Interchange Counseling graduates.

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I look forward to seeing you on February 15th and assisting you in making this year both highly productive and deeply satisfying.