Intentional Goal Setting workshop for greater ease in busy lives.

The yoga of goal-setting

You may have heard of practicing yoga off-the-mat. Yoga off-the-mat is more than just sitting up straight at your desk or remembering to breathe in the middle of a traffic jam. 

Every day, we juggle full schedules, family obligations, health commitments, media messages, and financial concerns, just to name a few. At any given moment in our life, we have so much going on it’s a wonder how we ever get things done. 

Here’s a magic key to life being so much more satisfying and less draining, even as you’re learning to juggle more gracefully: set clear intentions. I don’t mean wishful thinking or affirmations. I mean intentions of how and who you want TO BE as you’re pursuing your life’s commitments. 

Intentions TO BE…

  • At Ease
  • Clear
  • Enthusiastic
  • Secure
  • Confident

There are many more examples of TO BE goals but the words that represent YOU are the best ones. Right now, can you sense a word or phrase that describes how you desire TO BE? Now, add a 3-month time frame to your intention, and notice how manageable it becomes to envision yourself BEING that person now.

Living life as the person you desire TO BE is so much more satisfying than trying to get, and get, and get more.

Intentional Goal Setting (IGS) teaches you how to be more satisfied, right now. We begin by naming your deepest driving desire, your TO BE goal, and then learn how to focus attention on evidence that you are on track. It’s easy, graceful, delightful, and totally teachable.

Join us for the next Intentional Goal Setting Workshop, specifically designed for people desiring greater ease in their busy lives. 

In this workshop you learn how to:

  • Focus on BEING instead of getting
  • Maintain momentum in your ambitious life with realistic time frames.
  • Prevent self-sabotage
  • Track evidence of your successes, with ease.
  • Celebrate YOU in appropriately sized increments.

Stop running out of steam. With IGS you’ll immediately start to see progress in multiple areas of life while simultaneously preventing overwhelm.

Intentional Goal Setting Workshop details:

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Location: A beautiful private home in San Francisco, Richmond District (94121 zip code)

Course fee:

  • $80 preregistration (March 1 – 31)
  • $100 standard registration (April 1 – 17)
  • 50% off scholarships are available on a limited basis. Please contact Geffen directly for questions about scholarships: (415) 205.0510

Registration: Click the Paypal link below to reserve your spot for this intimate and powerful, small group workshop.

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