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Intentional Goal Setting (IGS)

10-hour program

Traditional goal setting lacks instruction for visualizing WHY life is worth living, articulating WHAT qualities we desire and HOW to track that we are BEING who we want to be over time.

Keep quality-of-life in perspective while setting your do-able goals. My IGS system:

  • Shifts traditional goal setting from a concrete jungle of hard-core pursuit to a graceful, lively journey.
  • Gives you a tracking method for celebrating in the moment; no more waiting until the goal is done!
  • Stops the draining pattern of not-enough-ness while experiencing enrichment in the business of your life.

Deep Satisfaction: Body & Mind

3-month program

If you feel stuck, we generate movement. If you feel overwhelmed, we organize.

Your head, heart and feet must all work together to experience a more graceful sense-of-self. With my 7-principles for discovering deep satisfaction, I guide you to:

  • Visualize and articulate your driving desires and goals, using the language of your own heart!
  • Address areas that are not coordinating well with other areas in your life or business.
  • Create a plan of action following a logical, organized and do-able strategy.

Customized Individual Programs

6-18 month program

Your personal journey is unique. Give yourself permission to think and play outside the box.

Geffen’s customized programs are organized into 3-phases.

Each phase gives you:

  • A partner to guide you in establishing, maintaining and promoting your personal objectives into tangible reality. No more DIY!
  • Time to develop new skills, while maintaining an active and productive life.
  • Practice achieving your desired outcomes and breaking old, bad habits.
  • Tools to integrate your transformation into everyday life, gracefully.

Article: Is Coaching For You?

DIY (Do-it-Yourself) is so overrated!

Feeling isolated, stuck, overwhelmed?

Why DIY when you can have a partnership focused on your success?

Article: Is Coaching For You?